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Hot Springs Girls Weekend

May 15, 2007

Camping, vodka, wines red and white, semi-public excretion of fluids, heart-to-hearts, hot tubs, gossip, and finally woodland nymph nudity were all heavily featured in the fearless fivesome-minus-one-making-it-foursome’s big camping excursion last weekend.  Unfortunately, I must stay on topic and therefore relay to you only the details of one aspect of this weekend- the food. 

Which was definitely a highlight of our girls bonding event. 

 Last Wednesday I booked dinner for four at the Mountain Magnolia Inn in Hot Springs for Friday night, engaging in pleasant phone tag which soon became intimately friendly banter with the hostess.  Upon our arrival I was greeted on a first name basis by all the staff. ” We’ve been waiting for you!” the apple-cheeked hippie vixens apparently known as waitstaff nearly chorused their welcome.  The sun was setting gently behind the breathtaking mountain view from the front porch, and the local band’s warm twang reverberated throughout the small valley.  We took a few pictures by the old oak tree before sitting down to dinner.  Each night the chef chooses a different theme, I think, and on this night the theme was “grilled everything.”    I had a good time watching the chef and her entourage powerwalk back and forth from the kitchen out to the grill, quelling an innner panic that the food might cool before reaching our plates. 

We began with wine.  Although the server knew little to nothing about wine, and she told us often, we were able to find ourselves a fine, medium-bodied Pinot Grigio and a light syrah (I think that’s what the others had, I only wear and drink white before labor day myself.  Okay, just drink.)  For the first course we ordered gazpacho with lime cream sauce.  I was not overly impressed with the gazpacho; it was good, but nothing I couldn’t make at home in the blender (and sometimes do).  The cream sauce was all right, but not necessary.  Gazpacho always has a million flavors within and no adornments were needed.  The bread was pretty decent store-bought, but the butter was unreal.  Half melted fresh wild chive butter- need I say more?

Main courses were trout, steak, and chicken, respectively.  Grilled, of course.  The winner for me was the steak, although the barbequed chicken was a close second.  The steak was marinated forever apparently, and also needed no sauce or anything, and was cooked perfectly on the grill.  I don’t remember the sides, I think it was cole slaw and potatoes, but they were forgettable and kinda good at the same time.  The trout tasted, um, trouty.  Fishier than I was hoping for, but maybe that was the point.  For dinner we shared a divine lavender-vanilla creme broulee.  Either it was really insanely good, or I was drunk, or maybe both.  Anyway, I hereby declare the Mountain Magnolia Inn The Best Restaurant in Hot Springs.  Oh, I forgot to talk about the price.  It was expensive.  We got the cheapest wines but still paid about sixty dollars each for our meal.  Although we are big tippers, especially to the long-haired beauties who populated this mountain haven.  This restaurant gets 4 hearts out of 5.  As soon as I learn the emoticons I’ll describe my visual rating system.  Thanks for reading!  Comments, questions, input???

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  1. bostonbound permalink
    May 27, 2007 2:43 pm

    must say how im enjoying the royal attention to detail of the food and experiences you’ve tried, while being humored at your consistent acknowledgment of “other factors” (drunkeness, massive thirst, alternate expectations) that greatly affect your review.
    mine: blunt, engaging, accessible, jovial

  2. queen kirstifa permalink
    May 28, 2007 10:42 pm

    the tree was a magnolia, the red wine was a pinot noir, but other than that it’s just as i…remember…despite the aforementioned drunkeness. what an amazing night! and, extra hearts to the MM for offering to mail the camera i left behind back to me, so i don’t have to drive back out for it! that is love.

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