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“Baby Steps, Bob. Baby Steps.”

August 6, 2007

Barriers to Reducing My Impact

-I’m afraid of biking down busy streets

-I’m afraid of biking accidents

-I don’t have the wardrobe for biking in the dead of winter nor the heat of summer

-I’m addicted to TV, movies, and pop culture (average, 1 hr a day)

-I have a deep love of eating at restaurants and doing so brings me great joy

-I don’t currently have the ability to meal-plan enough to avoid midnight Ingles shopping

-Buying stuff is fun, or so I’m told often when viewing TV and pop culture mags

-I despise looking unkempt (that’s why I won’t make eye contact with you at the gym)

-My new landlord won’t let me dig up the yard to garden

-My new landlord won’t let me make a compost pile

-I need to be kind of cold to have a good night’s sleep

-I’m addicted to my cell phone, although I wouldn’t be if all my friends dropped by all the time, like I’m always wishing they will.

-The details of daily living and upkeep don’t interest me nearly as much as art, literature, deep conversation, and the Big Picture.  That’s why my house is always messy.

-I usually don’t feel satisfied unless meat was included in my meal. 

I’m writing all of these things down because I have recently become inspired, as I do bi-annually, to work on reducing my impact.  The major source of this inspiration is my friends who run a Community Supported Agriculture farm, my decision to move to a nicer, happier, more expensive apartment, and No Impact Man’s blog, which I found in the most recent issue of ReadyMade.  By the way, if you are living in a small space, the latest issue of ReadyMade magazine may be the most useful thing you read.    My Community Supported Agriculture is fresh, local, organic and grown by friends of mine who live in a house with no power.  I bet they compost their poop.  They are my heros. 

My new, more expensive apartment will be awesome, but it will also mean that I am not able to eat out as much, which in turn means this may become more of a cooking blog.  Would you still read a cooking blog?   Anyway I wrote all of my fears and issues about reducing my impact because now maybe I can deal with them, one by one.  First thing will be to look for a bike helmet on Freecycle.  I’ll keep you posted.

 Oh, and today I made a quesadilla with cheese,  spinach, local tomatoes,  local basil, mushrooms, and two local eggs.  Simple, fast, and great for summer.  Mmm.   The tortillas were not made locally, but I heard West Asheville just got a real, honest-to-goodness tortillaria!!!  So I will check that out and let you know.   

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  1. queen kirstifa permalink
    August 7, 2007 3:24 am

    I appreciate the complete honesty with which you confront your own stuff that stands in the way of minimizing your role in the industrial growth complex. Everybody raised in this culture has their own barriers.
    I cook at home a lot and enjoy it, but I’m also super busy and don’t always want to spend time on food prep. One thing that helped me a while back was that I kept a little notebook of my favorite “quick meal” recipes and favorite “when i have more time” recipes, complete with ingredients list. Usually I would start first with whatever was in season in my co-op, and choose meals that would feature that produce, and keep those lists on hand whenever i grocery shopped. If I was going to make an impulse buy, it couldn’t be a special trip. I had to think about all the things I might need as I was going home from work, or out on another errand and consolidate everything–otherwise I do without it.

    I do agree that TV makes you think you need way more consumerist shit than you actually need, and I feel much more sane without it. But I still rent DVDs or download shows I want to watch, but somehow I feel out of the TV zoning, channel surfing mode when I do that.

    And, we all just need to get together more often to make meals. Maybe that will help reduce the need for going out all the time.

    Love you!

  2. August 7, 2007 2:41 pm

    The thing is, Gourmet Grrl, you have a fantastic impact on the world! Yes, you could burn less fossil fuel and compost the %$# out of your waste but then would you have time for supporting local families, directing fabo plays, connecting people, spreading gastronomic cheer? I think not.

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