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Midseason Food Angst

October 18, 2007

Lately in the kitchen, I have been attacked by the pasta monster.  This phenomenon happens to me a few times a year, usually during the season change, when I can’t think of anything to cook other than pasta.  Throughout summer my days are full to the brim with salads, sushi, and inventive sandwiches.  In the winter my life revolves around soups simmering for hours, casseroles warming my home from the oven, and stews marinating in the ole’ crock pot.  But fall and spring I find myself in a weird rut.  Do I want cold or hot food, and am I even hungry?  Thus, two months of last minute random creations forever based on pasta.  Not helping matters is my recent discovery of  delicious homemade pasta being sold at the North Asheville Farmer’s market on Saturday mornings, and so I can’t seem to appreciate any other base for home cooking right now.  I was relieved when I found THIS ARTICLE frome the NY Times, offering a new twist on eating pasta.  It’s not new, just new to me.  I spent my college years eating egg noodles with butter, parmesan from a can, and peas.  What a meal it would be if I could treat the pasta as the sidekick to the sauce.  Crazy, right?  Perhaps not anymore. 

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