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Eureka! (Again)

March 24, 2008

The only thing better than the opening of a new ethnic restaurant in a small mountain community is discovering a great deal at an old stand-by!  Enter:  Sunny Point for Saturday Night Dinner. 

1/2 price bottles of wine make the food taste so much better going down.  Careening down Haywood Rd on a Saturday night, feeling hungry for new-American cuisine but bored with Table, Usual Suspects, Early Girl, etc., we stopped off at Sunny Point to see what was what.  I have a standing brunch date there every Saturday morning so I pretty much get my SP fix for the week, but we missed it that day so we decided to roll in.  Their wine selection was very decent and well-priced with 1/2 off bottles, and the menu surprised me.  New Zealand beef does not make this locavore happy, but I know the cows were, and I understand those Hobbit-cows are supposedly mighty tasty.  

Holding on to the last strands of winter, I ordered the Fall Vegetable Platter.  I have love for their thick and crispy panko-crusted potato cakes, the greens and beets tasted basic but lovely, and the creamy parmesan risotto in butternut squash was divine.  My partner-in-dine ordered the pork tenderloin in Mediterreanean cream sauce with olives and raisins, his eyes widening with glee after the first bite.  I returned this past Saturday evening for the beef tenderloin with mashed potatoes, and I was equally pleased.  They need to change over their seasonal menu soon, however, because I could make short work of it in another visit or so, and then I’ll search elsewhere for more exciting options.   

Oh, the best part was the bill- half of what I would have paid at Table, far less than a dinner at Early Girl (although without EG’s fierce commitment to local foods), we were thrilled with our secret discovery.  Secret no longer! One more fun fact about Sunny Point’s fine dinner experience:  If you are a freaky starchophile who just can’t get enough of that atrocity we call breakfast, you are free to order off of the entire menu at the dinner hour.   A bottle of merlot with banana pancakes?  The friendly-ish staff of Sunny Point might indulge you, but I will offer the hearty and well-deserved “whatever” to such a request.  Either way, I suggest you get your kicks at Sunny Point after six.  

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  1. the dj permalink
    March 24, 2008 4:39 pm

    Affordable wine is a definate selling point, but the tasty/inventive comfort food brings it home. Love the dessert tray flourish at the end.

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