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Locklear’s Lowcountry Grille Makes Tidal Waves

June 2, 2008

With all of our big Spoleto plans and dining out dreams, we never really made it off our island.  Seriously, I just stayed at the most glorious little Bed and Breakfast I have ever had the pleasure to find.  I’m not going to divulge my little secret, since I want to book it for a week in October, but I will give you a few other tidbits. 

The best food on Folly Beach is not where you might think.  This divey, teal and pink little beachside joint looks just like all the rest.  The patrons are barely clothed, ludicrously sunburned parrotheads, and the waitstaff were their mirror image.  But the food and drinks were nothing short of outstanding.  Locklear’s Lowcountry grille did not disappoint, and we returned every day for lunch.  Their bloody marys went down like a tongue tingling, fresh bright SC tomato baked in sunshine (and marinated in vodka), and their house chardonnay was light, fruity, and totally refreshing.   

Island drinks aren’t too difficult, though, and the happiest surprise was still to come.  Their lunch specials were so thrilling we stuck to the dailies page for our choices.  On the first day we plowed through three orders of a rare seared tuna steak on fresh green salad.  The tuna was marinated in balsamic, topped with pistachio crust, and the whole salad was cheerfully festooned with chunks of tangy goat cheese.  I loved the crisp, fresh sweet greens, the hearty crimson tomatoes, red onions and cukes.  We couldn’t stop talking about this salad for hours, and the next day one of our party tried to order it again in vain.  I had the grilled tilapia with mango salsa.  The mangos tasted like they had been picked fresh that morning, and the tilapia definitely had been.  I always forget how much I love tilapia; its clean, fresh flavor, more savory than mahi mahi or other sweeter fish, but always lends well to sweet pairings, such as mango.  With the sun beating down on us from overhead, seabirds threatening to steal bits of our lunch, the salty wind blowing through our sandy, unshowered griminess, this meal was pure pleasure.  I haven’t even mentioned the crispy/soft pillows of Hush Puppies, or devastatingly fresh and lightly breaded fried green tomatoes.  Don’t ever miss an opportunity to lunch at the mysteriously unassuming Locklear’s Beachside Grille.

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  1. El Cabrito permalink
    July 1, 2008 5:12 pm

    I love this place as well. Some of the best She Crab Soup I have had.

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