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GG Responds: Taste Testing Local Sauces

August 7, 2008

What are all you food-interested writers trying to do to me?  If I still remembered how to cross post onto Blogasheville, why I’d, I’d, I’d. . .

  • Lusty Monk Mustard (a Western Carolina history student discovered a Victorian mustard recipe, tried it at home, and started serving it with pretzels at the bar where she worked)”

I’m just going on memory here, but I was actually crazy about the Thirsty Monk mustard.  I didn’t even know the lovely local story.  I like when mustard has seeds you can crack in your teeth, strong tangy horseradish flavors, with a spot of sweetness.  This handcrafted mustard has it all.  The works, and my partner-in-dine licked the plate clean, if that’s any indication of our collective feelings towards this yellow fellow.

  • Imladris Farms (fifth-generation Fairview farm; you’ve had their jams at Sunny Point Cafe in Best Asheville)

I heart Imladris Farms.  Not only because they read my blog, but also because of the fresh produce they drop off at Greenlife and other local shopping centers, and most of all, I really heart their jam.  Jam that is not too thin, not too gelatinous, not too sweet, not too sour, with the completely perfect number of seeds remaining in tact.  I mean seriously, do they count them?  Honestly, look no further for jam.  Just buy it directly off of their website, if you want. 

I haven’t tried the ‘local’ olive oil or ‘localish’ chips, but I’ll try and fit it into my weekend so I can report back to y’all.

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  1. August 7, 2008 6:39 pm

    Ah, you take requests! I will remember this — and thanks for your writing, which is always mature, insightful and funny. You rock.

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