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Pamcakes That Rock

August 9, 2008

I don’t particularly enjoy the food most Americans covet as part of our nation’s upstanding culinary history.  Not hamburgers, hot dogs (except the Chicago Dog), nor potato chips, chocolate chip cookies, and not even biscuits w/ gravy will pique my interest.  Instead, my mouth waters for Bim Bim Bop, or Panang Curry, Vegetable Korma, sushi, udon noodle soup, lamb shawarma, or any other number of un-American delicacies.  Up until this year, pancakes have been no exception to this golden rule o’ mine. 

Every Saturday the family would gather for Dad’s famous homemade blueberry pancakes.  My siblings would clamor for a high stack of their own, arguing over portions and grinning as they stuffed their faces with the starchy cakes, lips shiny with the cheap syrup my dad has graciously warmed over the stove.  I sat quietly, rolling my eyes as I accepted one single flapjack, the summation of Dad’s labor for the previous 3 hours.  Sighing loudly, I’d count my blueberries before poking them with my fork and extracting each one from its rancorous, tasteless prison.  Then I’d request cereal.  Occasionally I would be forced to eat more of the grossly filling cakes, then I’d smother them with piles of butter and bear it.  But I have never been a fan of pancakes. 

Sunny Point’s orange-infused cornmeal hotcakes have uprooted me from my stubborn foothold of opposition and thrown me on top of my head, until the purple tweety birds of blackberry butter circled around my eyes, singing sweet morning songs of bliss.  Crispy on the outside, soft and cushy on the inside, the guts of these pancakes sing notes of sweet and savory with equal vigor.  The orange zest infusion balances perfectly with grainy cornmeal, and the blackberry butter is nothing short of the perfect adornment for these hotcakes.  Usually I skip the syrup and rub the butter over the whole thing, savoring the fluffy-yet slightly crunchy texture of these beauties.  I know pancakes are not such a revelation for most people, but after my 10th time ordering this on Sunny Point’s menu, I had to mark the ocassion with an elated blog post.  So here I am, falling all over these pancakes for the first time in my untrusting life like a disaffected teenager who’s just met Johnny Depp.  When I asked the pancakes for their autograph, I sadly received no response, so I’ll just share my dreamboat with you and say:

Gourmet Grrl


Sunny Point Hotcakes


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