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Gourmet Magazine Gets the Smack Down

October 5, 2009

For my opinion, continue reading. For an actual news story, check out THIS NYTimes article.

I feel horrible saying this, but I’ve never been an avid Gourmet reader. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ruth Reichl, and I’ve read all of her books. I didn’t find Gourmet to be that user friendly. Their recipes were complicated, and I always thought they had too many ad pages. For recipes, I prefer Bon Appetit. I subscribe to Saveur for their great food and travel essays. Anyway, this is still a blow to the food and publishing world. My question is, what new venture with Reichl take on this time? Will she start her own mag for low-budget slow food chefs? I would be an instant subscriber if she did.

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  1. October 14, 2009 10:47 am

    What I loved about Gourmet was that they weren’t afraid to showcase creative and experimental writing–unusual for a food mag. They featured pieces by amazing writers like Junot Diaz and David Wallace Foster about food. That’s what I’ll miss.

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