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Goodbye, Pie Lady

October 13, 2009

I just got back in town from a long weekend in our Nation’s Capitol to discover that Minnie Smith, co-owner of Picnic’s restaurant on Merrimon has died.   Say what you will about “Mom,” but she was passionate about her pie making business.   On more than one occasion I have found her earnestly trailing some helpless Ingles shopper down the aisles shouting, “Put down that pie.”  Go to ‘Picnic’s’ and buy one of mine.  They’re better.  You’ll be so much happier!”

Creepy?  Kind of.  But she was right.  The fact is, her pies were among the best in town.  Hopefully she shared her recipes, and the although she won’t, the pies will go on.   I will miss this Asheville luminary.  “Mom” and her pies are one of the things that makes Asheville so special.  She was one of our proud, enterprising personalities who abandon all normalcy and submit wholly to their passion.   So rest in peace, Pie Lady.  Another thing I love about Asheville:  Picnic’s will be open from 6-8pm on Oct. 23 for a special memorial, open to all.

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  1. October 27, 2009 1:37 pm

    It is always sad to hear that someone who has brought so much joy and extra pounds to the general public, has passed. Her memory will keep alive those traditions of great food and great customer service at found at “Picnics.” Hearing about Minnie’s passing brought a tear to my eye not just from losing this “Asheville Icon” but from the flour dust flying down from Heaven…oh oh Minnie is never taking a rest…she’s teaching the angels and the other heavenly residents how to bake the best darn pies in the Universe.

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