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West Asheville’s De Soto Lounge is Up and Running

November 5, 2009

There’s a new classy joint to shoot pool, drink local brew and chill low-key with your friends.  While walking my dog on Haywood Rd. last night, I came upon a brand new, dimly lit venue, the Desoto Lounge! In the kitchy El Dorado building, where West Asheville Minx used to be, next to the Blue Ribbon Salon, somebody has opened a clean yet divey little bar.  Since I had the pooch in tow, I didn’t enter, but I did notice a pool table towards the back and some laid-back, happy folks bellying up to the bar, and they looked like they didn’t plan on moving for a long, long time.  I cannot wait to try out this new neighborhood pub.

West Asheville is slowly but surely becoming  Ground Zero for urban chic in WNC, and I couldn’t be happier about it.  Now cross your fingers for Vietnamese Pho on Haywood, and all will be well and I can live here forever.  Cross them!

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